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EUROGIA2020 Project EnergyShared is searching for the right partner to complete its consortium. EnergyShared tackles the question of efficiency and aims to introduce efficient use of solar PV systems by benefiting from ICT based technologies.

This project submitted and labelled during Call 06 is searching for a PV Manufacturer partner to accomplish followings tasks:
Deployment of PV Panels from micro-grid  system (home, flats) to large scale units (solar field)
Integration of PV and EnergyShared System
Test and Validation Processes
Expertise required:
Experience in different PV panel types (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film etc)
Experience in working with different PV panel techniques(in-on facade, in-on roof, custom type (double glazing, solar roof))
Try to work with new techniques for home system
For further information, please contact:
EnergyShared Project Leader
Mr Oguzhan Derici
Tel: +90 850 277 6767