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Vsebino spletnega mesta selimo na osrednje spletno mesto državne uprave, ki je bilo objavljeno 1. julija 2019.
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Tečaj za podjetja "Priprava predlogov za ESA" na Evropskem središču za vesoljske raziskave in tehnologijo ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre) v času 4.-6.6.2017.


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Course on "Preparing ESA Proposals" (4 - 6 July 2017, ESTEC)


ESA is announcing that there will be an opportunity for Slovenian SMEs to attend a course on "Preparing ESA Proposals" at ESTEC.

The registration to this course has been opened after Easter for all SMEs, spaces are limited so registration will be on first come basis. Please, note that each SMEs registered in esa-star can propose one participant only. The applications will need to be sent to: sme-office(at)


All information will be published on the SME website:


Note: ESA strives to create a good mix of people with a more technical/team management background and people with a commercial/legal background. This is important in order to have a proper balance in the competing teams. People who are involved in both areas are of course also welcome. Participants should be available for the entire duration of the course and bring their own laptops to be able to work on their team proposals.