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The official start of the EU-funded project “Strengthening the Framework of Foreign Direct Investment and Export and Innovation-Driven Cooperation in Slovenia” marked by high expectations and interest by all stakeholders

The project titled “Strengthening the Framework of Foreign Direct Investment and Export and Innovation-Driven Cooperation in Slovenia”, financed from the European Union's Structural Reform Support Programme, officially started on 11 October with a kick-off meeting and an afternoon launch event, gathering all major stakeholders in the field of internationalization. Deloitte, the selected consultant responsible for the implementation of the project in cooperation with the European Commission's Structural Reform Support Service, presented at both events its approach for strengthening the strategic framework and operating model for internationalisation in Slovenia, in order to align expectations of key beneficiaries and raise awareness about the project amongst the relevant stakeholders.

The European Commission approved this important project and selected Deloitte as the contracting party to deliver the expected results through a tendering procedure under the Multiple framework contract for the support to structural reforms in EU Member States (SRSS/P2017/FWC001). The official kick-off of the project took place on 11 October at a morning meeting attended by the representatives of the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, the Structural Reform Support Service, as well as local and Belgian Deloitte offices.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Mr. Aleš Cantarutti, stressed that the topics covered by project activities are also the priority of the Ministry, whilst the representatives of the European Commission’s Structural Reform Support Service highlighted the importance of the project also in view of contributing to the European priorities on jobs, growth and investment.


Overall, the project aims to tackle internationalization challenges on four key pillars.

The first and most important pillar is the strategic framework. Through review and evaluation of the current strategic framework and alignment with key stakeholders, Deloitte will prepare a draft Action Plan for the period 2019-2020 as well as Programme for 2020-2024 in the area of internationalization. This will be the basis for all subsequent activities, as the alignment between the ecosystem, practice and strategy is crucial for the achievement of results.

The secondpillar of the project will analyse the government project “One-stop-shop for investors and exporters” through investor journey mapping, thus proposing a feasible and robust monitoring system for measurement of progress at national, regional as well as local levels.

The third pillar will build upon the findings of the previous two to propose a model for a more targeted investor profiling. Deloitte experts will then work along the government employees and pilot the pitching process of shortlisted international investors.

Finally, the fourth pillar of the project will deal with Strategic development-innovation partnerships (i.e. SRIPs) by analysing their performance and assisting SRIPs in their internationalization endeavours.


The planned project will be implemented during 2018-2019.