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Message by Minister Počivalšek on the occasion of World Tourism Day

The advances in digital technology in recent years and decades have so strongly impacted and transformed our lives, numerous industries and, of course, tourism and travel, that this year's World Tourism Day is dedicated to this phenomenon. 

We are all aware of the fact that tourism is at the forefront of digital innovation and continues to transform exponentially. 
The growth, innovation and globalisation of the tourism sector throughout the world are prompting enormous and rapid advances in technology and redefining the concept of travel. In recent years we have also seen the development of ‘sharing economy’ platforms, online booking and shopping, mobile platforms, as well as the rapid development of blockchain technology i.e. ways of storing blocks of information that enable a digital and smart tourism industry to compete on the global market more efficiently.


Collecting information and making decisions on travel destinations based on social media such as Instagram, TripAdvisor and many others are fundamental aspects of the modern tourist, not just the "millennials". Today, tourists want journeys tailored to their habits and preferences. The tourism sector is able to adapt to this situation through technology that enables the collection and analysis of data on tourists' experiences and preferences and the development of unique tourism products based thereon. We can see the impacts of virtual reality on cultural presentations at tourist destinations, which amount to new and interesting tourist experiences. 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone contributing to the successful development of Slovenian tourism. I look forward to our fruitful cooperation in the future. 

Congratulations on World Tourism Day!