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Yaskawa Electric decided to invest in Slovenia

The Japanese company of Yaskawa Electric decided to bring to Slovenia a €21 million investment, which will open at least 170 new jobs.

The new Japanese investment, which is estimated at €21 million, is a direct result of Government’s efforts and its recent visit to Japan. The investment represents potential for further development and new jobs, proving to the rest of the world that Slovenia is a favourable environment for foreign investments.

The Yaskawa Electric is present in 29 states around the world. They manufacture their products in ten states. In Slovenia, they operate through the Yaskawa Ristro company, which produces machines and devices, and the Yaskawa Slovenija company, which markets, designs and produces flexible industrial systems. Both companies are located in Ribnica. Yaskawa is the most important Japanese company with assets in Slovenia. In early 2015, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia placed Japan among the three most important strategic markets for economic cooperation. In 2015, the trade in goods between Slovenia and Japan increased by 24 percent.