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The Agreement on Cooperation between the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Government of Slovenia (as Donor) has been ratified on October 7th 2005. Both sides have agreed to cooperate in the implementation of technical cooperation projects through the provision, by the Donor, of special purpose contributions to the Industrial Development Fund.


In the National Assembly the Act on international development cooperation has been applied on July 3rd 2006 with the long term goals, financing and running the international development cooperation. The Ministry of the Economic Development and Technology is directly responsible for the smaller part of the international development aid: the cooperation with UNIDO.


The Republic of Slovenia is interested in helping a few industrial and services sectors of the economy and geographical regions (countries) in which the Republic of Slovenia would like to donor funds through UNIDO organisation. There are 3 conditions (all of them) to be fulfilled:

a. the interest of the beneficiary country has to be expressed clearly by their government as a starting point;
b. the beneficiary country should be from the Western Balkan region (the EU member countries are excluded), Moldova, Ukraine, south Caucasus region, Caspian See region and some African countries;
c. the priority industry sectors are:
- automotive industry,
- wood processing industry,
- green and ecological industries, cleaner production industries, environmental industries,
- tourism industry,
- water treatment and waste management industries and
- energy producing sectors.


The Republic of Slovenia has voluntary financed the following UNIDO internationally development cooperation projects (from 2012 to present):

1. Facilitating international market access for manufacturing suppliers in the automotive component industry in Ukraine;
2. Fostering Sustainable linkages and Cluster Development in the Macedonian Tourism Industry in order to Reduce Poverty and Stimulate Economic Growth - Ohrid Macedonia;  
3. Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Network to foster Green Industry Cooperation in Eastern and Central Europe (includes all priority countries and Albania, Moldova and Ukraine);
4. National Cleaner Production Programme (NCPP) - Bosnia and Herzegovina;
5. Four-year regional Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Programme for the countries of the Eastern Partnership Region covering countries: Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan;
6. Enhancing water quality of Lake Modrac by eco-remediation measures in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
7. Solution for sewage sludge from municipal wastewater plant in Mojkovac in Montenegro;
8. Ecological remediation of Port Milena in Ulcinj in Montenegro;
9.    Fostering inclusive and sustainable local industrial development in Europe and Central Asia –The role of science, industrial and technology parks - Second Regional Conference on new generation of industrial parks in Ljubljana, April 2014;
10. Watamu Mida Kenya project for the procurement, delivery and commissioning of the water treatment technology, second phase;
11.  Strengthening the quality system of technology and industrial products and services in BiH Competence centre of CMM quality assurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Ministry for economic development and technology and UNIDO activities (last 2 years):

- Active participation on Vienna Energy Forum in 2015;
- Participation ot the 16th UNIDO General Conference in Vienna, November 30 to December 4 2015;

- Official visit of the UNIDO Director General Li Yong in Slovenia during the 2nd UNIDO Regional conference on Industrial and Technology parks in Ljubljana, 7 - 9 April 2014.


Presentation of the two finished International Development Cooperation Projects


Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia, UNIDO and the government of Montenegro in cooperation with the local municipality authorities, agreed to develop a technical cooperation project on sludge management from the wastewater treatment plant in the town of Mojkovac, Montenegro. The Slovenian company, specialized in solving the ecological problems by using the Transfer of Environment Sound Technologies (TEST), has been chosen for running the project. The video of the project is available here.


Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia, UNIDO and the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the local municipality authorities, agreed to developa a project on enhancing water quality of Lake Modrac by ecoremediation measures. Suitable location for pilot ecoremediation measure in Lake Modrac catchment area turn out to be the orphanage, named Village of Peace, near Turija village. A Company from Slovenia designed a constructed wetland, local construction company built the treatment plant, and a local NGO assisted in the dissemination of project results. The video of the project is available here.