Dear investors,

allow me to present Slovenia to you, a small country, yet big enough to boast many natural beauties: sunny Alps, the Adriatic Sea, the dynamic Karst and enchanting Pannonian Plain. Slovenia offers the experience of rich forests, breathtaking rivers, lovely hills with terraced vineyards, mysterious underground caves, lively cities and rich cultural heritage. Slovenia is a very clean and safe country where you can drink water from the tap but we would gladly offer you a glass of delicious wine.  


Tourism has been progressively developing in Slovenia, and tourist activities are developing faster than other economic activities, implying that the importance of tourism to the economy continues to increase. In 2006, the share of tourism in the national GDP was estimated at 5.5%, excluding, however, the numerous indirect effects existing in tourism. With regard to the fact that the share of tourism in GDP has increased and continues to grow, this also signifies the increasing importance of tourism in Slovenia on the one hand and stronger competitiveness of Slovenian tourism on the other hand. I believe that these figures are also the result of the active policy of the Ministry of the Economy and its Tourism Directorate, through their financial incentives as well as numerous "softer" projects raising the quality of tourism. At the Ministry of the Economy we have completed the cycle of investments in tourism infrastructure from the previous financial period, providing EUR 50 million to support 36 projects, and have now commenced a new investment cycle. In the 2007–2013 period, an amount as high as EUR 145 million will be allocated to tourism infrastructure development – because we believe in tourism!


I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to invest in Slovenian tourism. There are numerous new investments planned in the field of Slovenian tourism. Some of the most prospective are here presented to you. They are in different stages – some still in conceptual designs, while for others a building permit has already been obtained. We wish to acquaint you with projects ranging from golf courses, hotels and wellness centres to castles - situated in different parts of Slovenia. You are kindly invited to examine them. We trust that some will draw your attention; any question that may arise will be most welcome.


The key words best describing Slovenia are: extraordinary country and friendly people; however the best way to really discover the country is to visit us and experience it! Here you are never more than a short trip away from the next natural beauty or sight of interest! 


Marjan Hribar, MSc                     

Director General

Directorate for Tourism

Ministry of the Economy



Villa Viktorija, Bled

In the heart of the Alps lies a lake... And on that lake is an island with a little church. The picturesque town on the shores of that lake is Bled. Bled prides itself on being one of the most recognizable tourist attractions in Slovenia. To further increase its appeal, especially to more well-off visitors, plans have been put forward to renovate and convert the lakeside Viktorija villa into a five-star hotel.

Nestling against the lush vegetation of the shore, with its restaurant terrace offering sweeping views over the lake, the hotel’s design will be a lesson in environmentally-friendly architecture. The makeover of the villa into a hotel is projected to cost EUR 10.2 million.




Tolmin Wellness Centre, Tolmin

A sunny terrace two kilometres east of Tolmin, a town on the edge of the spectacular Triglav National Park, is the site for a proposed new wellness centre adjoining a four-star superior category hotel The project is to be the catalyst for more effective marketing of the entire region, providing it with the tourist facilities it now lacks. The Soča River Valley where Tolmin is located is considered one of the greatest untapped tourist opportunities in Slovenia. The core of the project is the four-star hotel with 150 rooms and a 150-seat congress centre. Other facilities include massage rooms, restaurant and coffee-house – all complementing the excellent conditions for any type of outdoor activity. The project is valued at EUR 33 million.




Tourist Centre Rimski Vrelec, Kotlje


The spring at Rimski vrelec (Roman well) is located at the foot of Uršlja Gora, a mountain that dominates the Carinthia region with its abundant natural delights. Among them are the waters that spring from the famous Roman well. Extremely rich in iron, they have been used to treat various ailments since Roman times and were a successful export product of the region back in the 19th century. Regional authorities are looking forward to welcome investors interested in tourism development in the region, especially those who are ready to put it on the map as one of Europe’s prominent providers of health services.



Business Hotel***** in the Technological Town Tehnopolis Celje

Project International finance and investment centre of South-East Europe (IFIC) aims to establish international business centre for the area of South-East Europe. Centre is designed for investors from western Europe and elsewhere, who want to invest in the countries of South-East Europe. Business hotel, one of the sub-projects would offer a full-service, designed for businessman. The business hotel five stars is planned in the upper 15 floors, of the 80 m high skyscraper in Celje. The value of the project is 14. - 15. million EUR.




Tourist Recreational Centre, Dolenjske Toplice

Dolenjske Toplice is a centre in which the presence of vital spa and thermal tourism gives the region a distinctive characteristic. In the last few years the Dolenjske Toplice municipality made a decision to offer additional tourist and recreational facilities to enhance the existing residential – tourist character of the town. In addition to the existing spa / thermal tourism infrastructure and buildings these new facilities would add other, compatible programs which would enhance chances for designing new tourism opportunities and raising the residential standard in the town and the municipality. Value of the project is 72 million EUR.





Thermal Spa Centre, Benedikt

A thermal SPA centre with a high-class hotel (4-5 stars) with apartment village and additional offerings will be constructed in Benedikt. The aim of the investment is the construction and development of a high-class health spa and wellness centre. The value of teh project is 55 million EUR.




Megalaxia - Family Amusement Theme Park, Hajdina


The Megalaxia family amusement theme park will be constructed in Hajdina. The investor’s goal is to create a unique tourist amusement product meeting the needs for fun, relaxation, socialising and adventure for people from all walks of life and age groups, particularly families. Value of the project is 120 million EUR.




Ski Resort Stari Vrh, Gorenja vas – Poljane


At the Stari Vrh ski resort, the construction of smaller tourism accommodation facilities is intended. At the same time the municipality seeks a strategic partner who will be able to develop potential which remains unexploited for the time being, and to harness it for the purpose of leisure tourism in the winter as well as summer, with a view of marketing the tourism destination all year long.



Lisca Tourist Recreation Area, Sevnica

The subject of investment is adaptation, construction and completion of tourist, recreation and sports facilities in Lisca area. The value of the project is 5 - 7 million EUR.




Resort, Business and Residence Center Livade, Izola

Although the Slovenian coast is not the longest you are likely to find, it certainly does not lack the facilities to make it a popular tourist destination. To make the coastal region even more attractive, a project to build a water park near the town of Izola has been proposed. In the summer season, the outdoor and indoor pools of the park will be able to admit.

2,400 guests; in the winter season up to 750. Two hotels will also be built, with one of them providing all the services expected from a health resort. The EUR 106 million-project also leaves ample space for the construction of an apartment complex based on architectural concepts derived from the Mediterranean tradition.



 Gaja - Spa Resort Janežovci, Desternik

  • Five-star hotel with 157 rooms
  • 30 apartment cottages built in the traditional style of the area,
  • hotel suites
  • 42 apartment units in the apartment village.

All together includes 229 accommodation units with approximately 500 beds, all in the five-star category. The value of the project is 38,5 million EUR.



Destination Wellness on the Kolpa River, Metlika



One could hardly think of a location better suited for a spa complex than this one - a gently sloping promontory above a Karst valley with a river slowly meandering its way towards the sea. Add to this an already drilled geothermal bore providing thermal water of excellent quality - and the conditions for a profitable tourism investment are all there. The project consists of a spa whose architectural concept and design emphasise its relationship with the natural environment and sympathetically incorporate elements of local building practice, a hotel with 108 rooms and

an apartment complex with 40 apartments. Estimated investment value is EUR 21.5 million.



Eco Spa Resort, Mirna

This investment project includes construction of a high-quality tourist settlement - hotel and apartment units (i.e. eco spa resort) in the four-star category. The value of the project is 10 million EUR.




Thermal Spa Centre, Slovenj Gradec

  • hotel I
  • hotel II –optional in second phase
  • entrance lobby and reception with supporting offices, coffee bar
  • restaurant, breakfast restaurant, kitchen, bar, mini casino
  • health centre, cosmetic studios
  • recreational centre
  • water park
  • sauna park, wellness, fitness
  • congress centre
  • additional programme (expansion in second phase)

The value of the project is 14 million EUR.



Investments on Krvavec, Cerklje

Krvavec, a popular high-mountain ski resort plans new investmens:

  • Parking garage
  • Construction of a ski slope from Gospince into the valley
  • Widening of the ski slope in the area Kržišče – Jezerca



Ski Resort Ribniško Pohorje, Maribor

Soaring 700 – 1500 metres above sea level, the Ribniško Pohorje massif is an attractive mountain venue for the development of sustainable winter tourism. Pine forests and an oxygen-rich climate provide excellent conditions for the development of a health resort, meaning that the destination will attract visitors throughout the year, not just in winter months.



The project will focus on the development of 80 hectares of ski slopes; the establishment of a system for the production of artificial snow and the construction of two chair lifts along with eight conventional ski lifts. The destination will also sport a hotel and two apartment villages. The project is valued at EUR 56 million.



Sports Recreational Building – Grand Hotel Panorama****, Maribor

Aparthotel Pohorje*** was renovated in 2001. The next phase will begin in cooperation with a strategic partner; it would encompass additional accommodation capacities and a wellness programme, multipurpose sports hall for hosting sports teams from Slovenia and abroad, and for organising various larger sporting, cultural, entertainment and business events. The value of the project is 12 million EUR.




Hotel Betnava, Maribor

In the tourist-recreation complex Betnava a new hotel with 100–150 rooms will be built. According to the investor’s interest, it is also possible to build an elite hotel with fewer rooms of larger size.




Javorč Holiday Homes, Gorenja vas – Poljane

The plan is to build a village of detached holiday homes with up to four beds. Each home would have a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and large terrace, while some would even include their own whirlpool tub and sauna. There would be two central buildings, one with a restaurant and a place for social gatherings, while the other would house sports facilities, a sauna, swimming pool, wellness centre, etc. The value of the project is 2 million EUR.





Tourist Recreational Golf Centre – Meinl Castle, Apače

The tourist recreational golf centre – Meinl Castle will include a golf course with 27 holes and a four-star golf hotel. It will be located in the border region of Austrian Styria and Slovenian Pomurje. The value of the project is 8,5 million EUR.




Golf Course in Mislinja Valley, Slovenj Gradec

A golf course with 18 holes is planned to be constructed in the Koroška region. The project is in its initial state (outline scheme). Aerodrom Slovenj Gradec is to date the only known private investor. The value of the project is 4,4 million EUR.




Habakuk Golf Course, Maribor

The Habakuk golf course with 18 holes and accompanying infrastructure will be constructed in the surroundings of Maribor. It will be constructed on a piece of land measuring 80 – 100 hectares in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Habakuk. The value of the project is 4,3 million EUR.




Kočevje Lake, Kočevje

The extraordinary natural environment of Kočevje lake and its surroundings present an opportunity for tourism which will be based on natural beauties. Investors may develop tourist activities, such as: spa and health centre, protected flats, sport areas which may include all sorts of sporting activities.




Investments on Brežice – Hydroelectric Power Stations Lake, Brežice

A hydroelectric power station and accumulative lake are planned for construction in Brežice. This opens new possibilities for developing tourism and sports infrastructure.




Boathouse and Lake Marina, Velenje

On Velenje lake the new boathouse and lake marina will be built. The value of the project is 1 million EUR.





Spa Resort Kopačnica, Gorenja vas - Poljane

A warm spring has been present in Kopačnica for centuries. The local community has identified the utilisation of thermal water for tourist purposes; thus a spa resort is being planned.




Dornava Manor, Dornava

The Ministry of Culture is looking for a strategic partner to take over the running of Dornava Manor and the accompanying park, and organise tourism and cultural activities within it – for example a cultural centre and other suitable facilities. The strategic partner will have to ensure that building work is completed and that the building is suitably equipped for the above activities. The strategic partner will rent the manor for longer period.




Pišece Castle, Brežice

The Ministry of Culture is looking for a strategic partner to take over the running of Pišece Castle and organise touristic, cultural, and culinary activities in it. The strategic partner will have to ensure that building work is completed and that the castle is suitably equipped for the above activities. The strategic partner will rent the castle for longer period.




Gradac Castle, Metlika

The Ministry of Culture is looking for a strategic partner to take over the running of Gradac Castle and organise tourism (accommodations), cultural, and culinary activities in it. The strategic partner will have to ensure that building work is completed and that the building is suitably equipped for the above activities. The strategic partner will rent the castle for longer period.





Negova Castle, Gorenja Radgona 

The Ministry of Culture is looking for a strategic partner to take over the running of Negova Castle and organise tourism (accommodations), cultural and culinary activities in it. The strategic partner will have to ensure that the building work is completed and that the castle is suitably equipped for the above activities. The strategic partner will rent the castle for longer period.




Rihemberk Castle, Nova Gorica

The Ministry of Culture wishes to renovate the entire castle complex and ensure that it is put to correct use, together with the strategic partner. The strategic partner will organise tourism (accommodations) and other activities within the castle. The strategic partner will rent the castle for longer period.